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Your horse / pony will need to be as dry as possible, groomed and hooves picked out. Please do not use any conditioner sprays/lotions as this makes massage challenging….hands slide!

Please ensure that the environment is clean and safe – safety for your horse/pony, handler and myself is paramount

If you ride beforehand, please allow a minimum of 30 minutes for your horse to cool down before treatment. Note: You will need to give your horse/pony a minimum of 24 to 48 hours off of ridden work post-session, dependent upon the individual horse / pony and the therapy applied.

Please do NOT

clip your horse immediately prior to nor following the therapy session

worm or vaccinate your horse prior to nor following the therapy session; a week before or after treatment should be allowed

give hard feed (grains / cereals) directly before / after or during the session.  One hour minimum before or after is preferable. Hay/forage is fine.

Plenty of fresh, clean water should be provided for your horse during and after treatment.

Initial Consultation
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Assessment; your horses history; bridle/bit/saddle assessment and fit (non-ridden). Note: this does not replace a comprehensive saddle check by a Professional Qualified Saddle Fitter; myofascial evaluation; therapy session individualised to your horse; discussion of the way forward, aftercare advice and follow-up work

Follow On Appointments
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Assessment; myofascial evaluation; therapy session; discussion and on-going support, including assistance with ground-work.


I am always happy to work in conjunction with, and recommend, other Professionals / Practitioners as needed.


Thanks for your message!

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