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Important Information
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The herbs: dried to perfection and distributed with love!

The herb mix for you, your equine and/or your dog are measured individually based on the information provided by you.  We may also test for various types of:


-          minerals e.g., magnesium

-          supplements, such as Spirulina powder

-          vitamins

-          oils e.g., Flaxseed / Linseed Oil

-          and medication e.g., CBD Oil or Metacam for dogs


We do this as sometimes they are needed as an essential combination with the herb mix. 

The composition of the herb mix and any supplements, is described on the package/tub with advice on how to use and measuring scoops are included in the herb mix.  If we advise the use of an oil for a few days or a couple of weeks, these can be purchased by you and we recommend that they are Organic and in their purest form i.e., no additives etc.

What's in them?

…Nothing!  Just nature.

What’s the difference between Pharmaceutical medication

and herbal assistance?

There is a time and place for everything and in the case of herbs, as they follow a natural path, they need a lead time before they start to work; depending upon the condition that we are assisting with, and your horse / dog, this lead time can be a few days or several weeks. 

Pharmaceutical medications often contain a specific ingredient extracted from an herb, meaning it is very concentrated, used in a specific dosage targeting a specific problem, but can also have side effects due to the concentrated effect and synthetic substances added to the medication. 

Life of the product

All the products are dried.  Please keep your products in a dark, cool and dry place.  Sunlight can degrade the important nutrients within the product and, as there is always a little naturally occurring moisture in the product, sunlight/heat can cause condensation to form in the bag allowing mould to enter. The herbal mix can be kept for at least a year if properly stored.

How long for?

The herbs are measured to last for a period of approximately five to six weeks, depending upon the amount that we have advised for your animal.  Experience has shown us that five to six weeks is enough time for your animal to take what it needs from the herb mix and when we test again, it usually indicates that it is no longer needed and that a new mix is.  If we see a particular pattern or a return of a specific herb that is being requested, we will let you know, discuss the possible signs and way forward, as sometimes this may be an indication of an underlying issue / cause that may need further investigation by you and/or your vet.

Did you know?

Nature is very powerful and this includes herbs! Herbs can help both physical and emotional problems; all the active ingredients in an herb work together and complement each other.   It is good to keep in mind that there are particular herbs that can no longer be given due to their side effects; some lose their efficacy after a period of time; some can be given in succession and some can be given more often.  We strongly advise not giving your horse/pony or your dog the same herbs for months or years.


Our herb mixes can be used to help with maintaining good condition – maintenance – or physical and emotional balance and complement daily needs, or as a one-time use in the prevention of or assistance with. 

Balance on the inside, is balance on the outside!

Please note!

Just like us, animals can be sensitive to changes to their feed.  We recommend giving small amounts of the herbs in the beginning and see how your animal reacts. 

Herbs are an addition to the daily feed, such as forage (hay / grass).  In the case of illness please consult your veterinarian and please do not experiment with herbs (mixes).  We cannot be held responsible for any other use of the herbs other than what is recommended by us, nor if you continue to use your own choice of supplements that have not been recommended by us.  The information on this site is for information purposes only and is not intended as advice, agreement or guarantee.

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