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Herbs for Canines

Nature’s offering!  Herbs (leaves, roots, flowers, bark and fruit), used for thousands of years, are prized for their savoury and aromatic properties; globally used for garnishing and flavouring food and relished for their medicinal purposes. The power of the plant should never be underestimated! 


Pure natural health in a bowl!  Based in science, I offer a unique way of testing [in-person or remotely] and measuring for herbs and supplements individualised to your dog.  It will give an insight into what your dog needs support for and then we’ll work towards improving internal health and balance.  Add to your dogs feed for a yummy addition or as an accompaniment in a separate bowl, whichever works for your dog!  Following testing, the mix will be made according to your dogs requirements, packaged and sent to straight to your door within 3 to 4 days.

Make a difference and start the journey by
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