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Health and Safety statement for Charlotte Lloyd trading as Casbourne Equine.

It is the policy of Casbourne Equine to foster a positive Health and Safety culture in all its activities and practices; aiming to achieve high standards of Health and Safety for all those I come into contact with including myself, my clients, my patients and the general public in the main.

Casbourne Equine
Casbourne Equine

I am committed to :

Working to prevent accidents and minimising any risks to the health and safety of myself, my clients and the horse / pony


To the best of my ability I shall ensure any risks arising from my work are properly managed and minimized


On all occasions, to the best of my ability, I shall maintain safe and healthy working practices


Using and maintaining the correct equipment needed for each task (as applicable), including personal protective equipment/clothing as applicable


Ensuring a high level of personal hygiene at all times


To the best of my ability, ensuring the safety of both clients and the horse / pony at all times


Ensuring, to the best of my ability, that all Health and Safety documentation is reviewed and revised [as applicable], in line with current standards and requirements


Ensuring that all COSHH documentation is maintained and reviewed regularly


Ensuring that any relevant occurrences are reported in accordance with the requirements of the RIDDOR regulations.

The proprietor of Casbourne Equine, Charlotte Lloyd, is responsible for all aspects of the implementation, monitoring, reporting and review of this policy as detailed above.

Review date : October 2024
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