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Client Engagement Terms

Please take the time to read our engagement terms below to protect both ourselves and you.

If there are any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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If your horse / pony is under current veterinary supervision, Casbourne Equine / Charlotte Lloyd will obtain veterinary permission, as required by law, prior to any hands-on therapy session commencing.


Casbourne Equine / Charlotte Lloyd is a Level 4 qualified and insured Equine Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Practitioner, a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner and Herbalist, not a vet and is unable to diagnose! 


It is the responsibility of the Owner of the horse / pony to action any recommendations or advise provided by Casbourne Equine / Charlotte Lloyd, to facilitate the best short- and long-term outcome in the rehabilitation and/or maintenance and/or general health and well-being of the horse / pony.


Whilst every care is taken of your horse / pony prior to, during and after a therapy session, it is done so entirely at the owner's risk.


Horses / ponies with a diagnosed or suspected contagious/infectious condition will not

be seen.


​Owners are required to notify Casbourne Equine / Charlotte Lloyd if, during the course of sessions, the equine's injury or condition worsens, and/or if the Veterinary Surgeon advises that sessions should be stopped or suspended.


Casbourne Equine / Charlotte Lloyd reserves the right to refuse to see any horse / pony.


For safety reasons, Owners are requested to be present on the yard at all times during the session.  In the event that the Owner is unable to attend, a member of Staff employed by the yard, is requested to be present at all times during the therapy session. 


Casbourne Equine / Charlotte Lloyd reserve the right to use video footage and/or photographic stills taken during sessions unless otherwise discussed.


Casbourne Equine / Charlotte Lloyd does not take responsibility whatsoever for any accident/injury sustained either by the therapist or the equines owner/handler, before, during or following the therapy session.


Casbourne Equine / Charlotte Lloyd cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to vehicles or personal property, howsoever occasioned, whilst on business/institute/yard premises.


Payment is due in full on the day [unless otherwise discussed].  Payment can be made via BACs or cash.  A late payment charge of £5 per day will be incurred as of seven working days from the date of the therapy session.


Payment for your order of any herbs / minerals / supplements / vitamins is due in full within 48 hours of testing / prior to any order being placed.


By commencing any therapy session(s) and/or herb and supplement testing with Casbourne Equine/Charlotte Lloyd, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.

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